22nd September, 2016 – Apedwa Junction | Eastern Region

The design agency arm of VexaPlus Technologies has been officially and formally opened today at Apedwa Junction in the Eastern Region. In an interview with Mr. Clement Brako Akomea, the CEO and Founder of VexaPlus Technologies, he told VexaPlusNews.Com that the initiative was in response to the need of the inhabitants in the vicinity and its surrounding areas.

VexaPlus Multimedia & EventssHe said, the initiative is to ease the burden of people having to travel afar for such basic services. He is of the view that, at least, VexaPlus Multimedia & Events will also be a source of employment to a couple of people, who hitherto, would be unemployed.

Queried as to the scope of the modus operandi of VexaPlus Multimedia & Events, he said the services to be provided by his outfit is varied but can be categorised under 3 main headings of:

  • Design Agency
  • Events
  • Land Surveying

Under the Design Agency offering, VexaPlus Multimedia & Events, would be focusing on digital design of all types – from flyers, brochures, banners, logos, sign posts, and even to the unknown. He stated that under the Design Agency offering, any design that one can do with a computer, and printed afterwards is welcome. The design agency also undertakes printing of T-Shirts, embroidery, stickers, books, invitations, handkerchiefs, and what have you.

A flagship design product under the design agency offering is Website Design & Development, Hosting and Domain names. He said, an arm of VexaPlus Technologies, HostAdvocate.Com, caters for the hosting and domain aspects whilst VexaPlus Technologies takes care of the website design and development.


Logo – VexaPlus

Asked as to why he would want to deal in website design from such a location, he said “technology is here to stay and in the next 3 to 5 years, Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa will see a surge in the number of technology based initiatives”, hence the need to start responsive website design and development from a viable and economically profitable location.

The Events offering of VexaPlus Multimedia & Events is to do with events management of all types. Mr. Akomea emphasised that there is no event his outfit cannot manage. If you have any event under the sun, he posited, we are capable of successfully executing it to the letter. To him, they have the experts to handle all events.

Lastly, when asked why Land Surveying offering? The CEO of VexaPlus Technologies said many people find land surveying a bit far away from, so to say, pure Information Technology services and solutions as well as design agency offering. He was quick to add that land surveying, although a geographical discipline, has huge element of Information Technology.

He said VexaPlus Multimedia & Events, in this vain, has partnered with Geographical Data Support (GDS) to provide that service. I personally know Mr. Kingsley Boateng, the CEO of GDS, he has been doing a lot of excellent work in that area, and when we met over a meal, we unconditionally agreed to start such a project. This, he said, is to help anyone with a land surveying issue in the Akyem Abuakwa traditional area and Ghana as a whole.

VexaPlus Multimedia & Events can be located at:

Hill Top Plaza
(Near Kakapiaka’s) House,
Suhum – Apedwa Road (N6 Road)
Apedwa Junction

To contact them:

Email: [email protected]
Call: +233 500 329 461 | +233 554 547 843
Website: www.vexaplus.com

Report by Phyllicia Ayeyi Tenasebi (www.vexaplus.com)