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The services and solutions we offer are varied and multi-faceted. The good news is, it’s in the Information Technology arena, where we offer website hosting, domain name registration, responsive ecommerce site design and development, responsive website design, software and apps design, among many others. We are your best website design company in Ghana, with a worldwide reach.

Hosting & Domain names for your web presence

You have to ditch your slow hosting for a blazing fast one. Ours is intended to take your business to the next level. Our high speed hosting is for websites of all sizes and types. We are the best website design company in Ghana.

Responsive eCommerce site that trully works

We build your web shop, with payment integration and excellent security. We also give you an automated order system.

Online Marketing cannot be left out in this age

Some say it’s a necessary evil. We say it’s a tool when used well and implemented by professionals, bring huge ROI. Simply let us, the professionals, to do it for you.

An ERP system hosted in the cloud for your business

A php coded Enterprise Resource Planning system, which is fit for the modern era, that includes CRM, Accounting, HRM and Project Management is here. As the best website design company in Ghana, we are here to help

Responsive Website Designed specifically for you

We are a full-service website design agency. Let’s design and develop your responsive website. We do all types and sizes of websites.

IT and Business Consulting goes hand in hand

When IT professionals work with Business Consultants, magic, they say, happens. Meet our professionals and let’s speak. The end result would only be phenomenal.

Making a Technology Impact Across the Globe through eCommerce, by the best website design company in Ghana.

When it comes to eCommerce technology and its solutions, we are one of the best. Irrespective of where and what your Business & IT need is, we can surely be of help.

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We do Information Technology in an Innovative way through Persistency. As a brand, we are noted for setting trends for others to follow.

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More Services & Solutions by the Best Website Design Company In Ghana

At VexaPlus Technologies, we offer numerous services & solutions.

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Hosting & Domains

We sell Domains of all types & Host any type of website. From secure servers to fast hosting and great customer service.

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Online Marketing

We do Email & Mobile Marketing, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media marketing, etc.

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Cloud-Based ERP System

An integrated CRM, Accounting, HRM and Project Management modules that make the hard tasks so simple and easy.

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Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System for your school is a great investment that saves cost and improves academic performance.

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School Management System

Attendance, fees, results sheets, and library allocations all in one place. Parrents, staff & students have secure access too.

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Business Consulting

If you need a professional Business Plan or Feasibility Studies done, we can help. Contact us now for an assessment. We are the best.

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Software Development

As expert software developers, we await for your next software project. From bespoke desktop design to integrated systems.

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Digital Design & Print

Graphic design – logo, brochures, T-Shirts, mugs, typesetting, business branding, banners, outdoor ads & many more.

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Wordpress Experts

For all your WordPress needs, we are the experts. From installation, themes, plugins, customisations and how-to use.

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