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VexaPlus Technologies | ...building persistent innovative Business & IT systems...!


Unfathomable Coding Experts


Speed and Technology at work


IT Security made simple through Sophos

Making a Technology Impact Across the Globe

When it comes to technology and its solutions, we are one of the best. Irrespective of where and what your Business & IT need is, we can surely be of help.

Quality of Our Services & Solutions speak volumes

Our servicess and solutions are many and varied. Primarily, if you have any IT need speak to us. We have experienced experts to take care of your need.

Online Marketing cannot be left out in this age

Some say it’s a necessary evil. We say it’s a tool when used well and implemented by professionals, bring huge ROI. Simply get we the professionals to do it for you.

An ERP system hosted in the cloud for your business

A php coded Enterprise Resource Planning system, fit for the modern era, that includes CRM, Accounting, HRM and Project Management if here.

IT Security made simple through Sophos partnership

It’s all about network security & endpoint devices being optimally protected without any hitches. It’s a synchronised security platform that makes IT Security simple.

IT and Business Consulting goes hand in hand

When IT professionals work with Business Consultants, magic, they say, happens. Meet our professionals and let’s speak. The end result would only be phenomenal.